Please act NOW to garner support for SB 6013

The new legislative session is a chance to get the rates that BRS (Behavior Rehabilitative Services) providers like Ryther need and deserve to treat the children in foster care who literally have nowhere to turn in many situations. We’ve put together a outlining key problems and consequences of inadequate reimbursement for BRS.

There is a sense of urgency to contact your legislator via snail mail, email and calls.

State Senator David Frockt of the 46th district has introduced a bill that would provide that the State reimburse BRS providers for the actual cost of residential treatment. These are the children who come to our cottages to get the help and treatment that only BRS providers like Ryther can provide. As you all know the State has chronically underfunded these kids for years.

The Bill is SB 6013. You can read the bill here and if you like you can sign up on that page to get email notifications of the progress of SB 6013.

The executive summary of the bill is here:

This is the part that would help the most: Requires the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) to adjust contracted rates for Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS) to reflect actual costs of care to vendors providing such services.

But we need your help. What we are asking you to do right now: Please write to your Senator and Representatives and ask them to support SB 6013. Make the message in your own words. The following is an example.

I’m writing you to urge you to support SB 6013 sponsored by Sen. Frockt. I am a supporter of Ryther – Center for Children and Youth, a residential treatment facility located in Seattle. Ryther has been caring for abused and neglected children for over 130 years. Its cottage program takes kids in the custody of the state under BRS-Behavior Rehabilitative Services. These are the most severely traumatized children in our State. The average Ryther kid has failed out of nine foster placements before they get there. At Ryther they get effective, evidence-based treatment that produces real results.

Our State has chronically underpaid for these services. At this time the State pays only about 2/3 of the cost of care. This policy has forced many residential BRS providers out of business, forcing BRS to warehouse these kids in motels or send them out of state. Please see enclosed/attached sheet. Unless the problem is solved now we will face an even worse crisis.

SB 6013 simply provides that the State will reimburse providers for the cost of care. This should not be a controversial proposition. I urge you to do whatever you can to support this bill. When children are able to heal, they can move on and experience the remainder of their childhood in a typical way, with a path to a productive adulthood. Did you know that in Seattle, 23% of the homeless population were in the foster care system and about one third had been diagnosed with PTSD? By making sure BRS services are available, we can in fact help prevent tomorrow’s homelessness.

Thank you

If you aren’t sure which district you are in or who your representatives are you can look it up here:

You can send a message to your representative using the online form here:

You can also send an email directly; here is the list of email addresses:

Thank you for your help!

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