Renew Ryther

Watch how three children's lives were changed by their experience at Ryther. An investment in the Campaign to Renew Ryther is an investment in the future of children like Eternity, DJ and Kimmy.

For 130 years, Ryther has been providing vital mental and behavioral health services to children, youth, and families—and is committed to continuing its long tradition of excellence, while growing to serve even more children and families. In order to accomplish this Ryther embarked on an exciting endeavor to renew its 10 acre campus in north Seattle.


Ryther has been located on its in North Seattle campus since 1957. At that time, only three buildings were constructed: West Unit, Central Unit and East Unit. Besides minor repairs, these buildings went untouched for decades. In the 1980s, Ryther's residential cottages were built. A small renovation took place in the late 1990s to update the cottage kitchens but extensive renovations to the cottages were needed, including new roofs.

Ryther’s campus buildings, while serviceable, were between thirty and sixty years old and some client service areas were poorly located and not easily accessible. Prior to the Campaign to Renew Ryther there had been no significant improvements made to the residential cottages in fifteen years. The clinical areas were functional, but stark and crowded.

The Campaign to Renew Ryther

With the Campaign to Renew Ryther we set out to improve outpatient and support programs and facilities, renovate the residential cottages serving the most severely challenged children, and reinvigorate the overall 10 acre campus, creating a welcoming, child-centered therapeutic environment.

As a result of the Campaign our children’s cottages are now brighter, safer, and more therapeutic, we have increased the number and size of outpatient offices, and our reception and campus entryway are more visible and inviting. As a result there has been improved efficiency and coordination among therapy and program staff, we are reaching higher rates of recovery and improvement in school, socialization, coping, and other personal skills, and we are achieving our ultimate goal of increased family stability. We continue to grow our private-pay services in both inpatient and outpatient which will help Ryther move toward its long term goal of self-sustainability, assuring that children and families in crisis can find the safety, compassion and support they need to heal and reach their highest potential.

A special thank you to our Renew Ryther Cabinet members for helping with our fundraising efforts!

Capital Campaign Cabinet

Lynn Garvey, Co-Chair
Karl Quackenbush, Co-Chair
Scott Barron
Sally Campbell
Barbara Fruhling
David Glass
Lee Grogg
David Herr
Kim Kaiser
Eileen O’Quin
Paige Otero
Mary Snapp
Sylvia Wilks

Below are photos of the renovated outpatient building, the West Unit building and the cottages. If you are interested in learning more or visiting to see the much improved facilities, contact Austin Kellogg at or call 206.517.0204.

Central Building

West Unit Reception

Cottage A

Cottage B

Cottage Bedroom


West Unit Board Room

Unpacking A
Unpacking Cottage A

Cottage D

Cottage Entryway