Renew Ryther

Campaign Leadership Donors

Ryther is grateful for our community support.

$1,000,000 and up

The Ballmer Group, Philanthropy
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999

Estate of Dorothy Peterson

$250,000 - $499,999

Aven Foundation
Lynn and Michael Garvey

The Norcliffe Foundation
Anonymous (3)

$100,000 - $249,999

Anderson Foundation
Taxpayers of Washington State - Building Communities Fund
Sally and Wally Campbell
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Neukom Family Foundation
Carol Radovich
Mary Snapp and Spencer Frazer

$50,000 - $99,999

Barbara Barbee-Pelzel
Jacquie and Michael Casey
Karl and Michelle Quackenbush

Joshua Green Foundation
Estate of Richard M. and Greta P. Noffsinger

$25,000 - $49,999

PACCAR Foundation
Larry and Ritchie Hood
Liam Lavery and Yazmin Mehdi

Lois and Bill Rex
Bruce and Judy Walker
Sylvia Wilks and Nicola Tannion

$10,000 - $24,999

Tom Alberg and Judi Beck
Joan Burkland
Ann and Boyd Givan
Peter and Mary Kerr Family
Stephen Kilborn
William Kilborn

Cestjon McFarland and Tom Goodlin
Thomas and Kristin Ogren
Paige Otero
Mary Ann Trombold
Nordstrom Charitable Giving
Anonymous (3)

Up to $10,000

Margaret Adams and Jiri Zapletal
Sophia Adler
Christina M. Alexander
Heidi Alexander
Kay Allfrey
Rebecca Almo
Howard and Robbie Anderson
Janice and Victor Anderson
Lynda Anderson
Reynaldo Barcelo
Ruth and Bill Anderson
Edith and Ray Aspiri
Kevin Atitsogbuie
Janis Augustin
Peggy Avant
Awards Service, Inc.
Matthew Bagayas
Mark and Heather Barberi
Rachel Barrett
Annette Becker
Lindsey Beaky
Robin and William Bennett
Warren and Glenette Bestwick
Betcher Family Foundation
Bishop Family Legacy Foundation
John and Linda Blondin
Mike and Linda Bloom
Whitney Boren
Jeanette Borunda
Botanical Designs
Teresa Bourke
Sue and Don Bowman
Karen Brady
Aliisa Breisch
Stuart Brewster
Gloria Burch
Suzanne Busick
Colleen and R.B. Calkins, Jr.
Krista Campbell
Skye Camphouse
Tyler Carlson
Lori Carpenter and Denton Lindow
Perla Castaneda
Paul Cavanaugh and Patricia Lynch-Cavanaugh
Debbie Centioli
Janet Choi
Wei Chu
Anita and Don Clark
Ethel and Richard Clarke
Susan Clearman
Alison Clements
Betty Cloudy
The Cobb Foundation
Rochelle Coffey
Ana Cortez
Crabapple Unit
Nakiva Cummings
Andrew Curtis
David Daggett
Michel Daliva
Deal Family
Dick and Connie Delmissier
Anthony Dill
Ann and Marty Dirks
Bill and Amy Dock
Peggy and Bob Dorse
Dr. Elina Durchman
Justine Durham
Geri Dykeman
Betsy Eason
Carissa Eble
Lynn and Paul Edgar
Oliver Edwards
Caroline Eichenlaub
Terry El
Steve and Monique Elfman
Tawnya El-Masry
Nicole Engle
Milton and Nancy English
John and Susan Eshelman
Espresso Vivace
Dominic Evans
Erin Feeney
Lynn and Jim Fisher
Dean and Christine Fliflet
Jack Fong
Dorrie and Bill Ford
Eva Francis
Sheila Friedman
Sabrina, Bill, Cameron, and Julian Friend
Joelle Friesen
Barbara Fruhling
Bruce and Kathryn Fuller
Chelsea Gallegos
Helen Gamble
Lynda Gann
Stanley and Marion Gartler
Atsede Gebremedhin
Pat Gedney
Siri Gillespie
The Glass Family
Jessica Glover
John Gonzales
Michael Grimes
Lee Grogg
Laura Haelsig
Darrell Hall
Heather L. Halverson
Anne Hamlin
Mary Ellen Smith and Nancy Hannah
Sam Harkness
Julie Marie Radmacher Hatcher
Tanya Hauser
Tom Haviland
Frederick and Catherine Hayes
Christine Head
Elise Hegrat
Dave and Barbara Herr
Janna Higgins
Fred Hill
John Hill
Carol Hodges
Tim Hoefel
Sally Hollister
Michelle Hooks
Suzanne and Karl Hoover
Loren Hore and Valerie Mitchell
Sophie Hager Hume
Katherine Hunter-Hereen
Becky Hutton
Crystal Hynek
Sherry Isenhath
Gretchen Scheumann
Bonnie Jardine
Emma Johnson

Eric and Jennifer Johnson
Mallory Jordan
Kristin and Bryan Joyner
Emily Juhre
Kim and Lori Kaiser
Bob and Ellie Karrer
Kaitlin Kelly
Geoff Kilborn
Taylor Kinsley
Eileen Kraabel
Abigail Kulkin
M. M. Largy
Janet and Tony Landers
Terri Lateer
DwynAnne Lean
Shirley Leckman
Brian and Jane Leonard
Fu Sang Leung
Mary Lieberman
Taryn Linville
Rachel and Brian Lowinger
Stephanie Blecha Maharaj
Donna and Michael Mahoney
Ed and Heike Malakoff
Mallory Marquiss
Kathleen Maryatt
Marcus Masuda
Teri and Joe Matz
Rosalie May
Kelly McAllister
David and Pamela McDonald
Casey McGinnis
David Miller and Susan Takemoto
John and Marlene Miller
Michelle M Miller
Sydney Miller
Natalie Minas
Kristin Miselis
Moccasin Lake Foundation
Stacy Moorberg
Brooke Mulcahy
Tom and Ellenor Naden
Mary K. Nelson
Thuy Nguyen
Kate R. Nichols
Arthur Nordoff
Carolee and Bob Nunn
Samantha Nutter
Off Campus Unit
Ron and Eileen O'Quin
Jessica Ortiz
Henry Ramirez Palacios, Jr.
Servando Patlan
John and Leilia Pierce
Jess Pollard
Colin Powers
Robert Powers
Sue Prescott
Alexandria Puopolo
Cathy Raines
Yaovapa Ratanasopa
Mike Rehder
Ariel Reynolds
Glenn Rodriguez
William Rosen
Monica Rosine
Kendall Ross
Stanley and Monica Ross
Moses Russ, Jr.
Bruce and Candace Sagor
Eva and Phillip Salmon
Saltchuk Resources Inc.
Mariana M.C. Sampaio
Mimi and Gary Schulze
Alisa Scott
Ryan Scott
Deanna Seather-Brady
Sharon Setzler and Don Gulliford
Jane Shafer
Nikki Sheldon
Jule and Beth Sigall
Greg Smith
Sherri Smith
Stephanie Smith
John and Diane Snyder
Sou'Wester Unit
Joan and Wilbur Springer
Neil St. Pierre
Elizabeth and Robert Stack
Dan and Gay Rowe
Nathan Staggs
Steel Encounters
Pamela Katims Steele
Angie Stewart
Julie Stocker
Sharon Stocker
Elizabeth Sullivan
Steve Sullivan
Charlotte Swartz
George Swindells
Al and Vicki Symington
Eric and Alissa Tanaka
Jude and Mike Tembreui
Erin Tenney
John Terjeson
Gretchen K. Thomsen
Trilogy for Kids
Lin Trinh
Cory and Melissa Van Arsdale
Bobbie and Don Vchulek
Chris Veltri
Lorencita Villegas
Korie Voorheis
Dan Waggoner
Suzanne Lane and Arthur Walden
Holly Weese and Eric Swenson
Martha Weiss
Eileen Glaser Wesley and Mark Wesley
Carol and Nick Westlund
Whitman Global Carpet & Floor Care
Art and Carolyn Whittlesey
Kendall Whittlesey
Karin Williams
Mary Williamson and Kurt Kiefer
Steven Wolfson and Jane Berkman
Women's Philanthropic Investment Group
Nancy and Stephen Wood
Jody and John Woodruff
Cyndee Wood
Juli R. Woods
Michelle Woods
Ann Wyckoff
Zoe Yeaton
Jenna Yun
Anonymous (68)