Renew Ryther

Construction to Date

Ryther has been located on its 10 acre campus in North Seattle since 1957. At that time, only three buildings were constructed: West Unit, Central Unit and East Unit. Besides minor repairs, these buildings have gone untouched for decades. In the 1980s, Ryther's four residential cottages were built. A small renovation took place in the late 1990s to update the cottage kitchens but now, extensive renovations are needed, including new roofs.

Below are some photos of the newly renovated outpatient building, the West Unit and the cottages. Construction is nearly complete but we still need your help finishing the campaign. If you would like a tour of the campus, please call the Development Office at (206) 517-0215.

Central Building

West Unit Reception

Cottage A

Cottage B

Cottage Bedroom


West Unit Board Room

Unpacking A
Unpacking Cottage A

Cottage D

Cottage Entryway