Child, Teen and Family Mental Health Services

Teen Drug and Alcohol Assessments and Treatment

Ryther provides an array of programs designed to address the individual needs of adolescents using drugs and/or alcohol and their families, as well as those with co-occurring mental health issues. We offer the as well as psychiatric, substance abuse and mental health assessments. Programs include , , and for those struggling with both a mental health and substance use disorder.

For information or to make an appointment, please call us at 206.517.0218 or email .

When you call us we will:

  1. 1. Determine if an assessment is needed
  2. 2. Check your insurance coverage and let you know of any restrictions or limitations. Ryther accepts clients ages 13-18 with Medicaid coverage for assessments and treatment in King County.
  3. 3. Schedule the first appointment to include evening hours (Monday – Thursday)

Ryther bills most insurance plans directly.

Standard Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Warning Signs of Substance Use Disorders

To review the warning signs of substance abuse, .

Teen Substance Use Ryther’s targeted assessments for adolescent substance use disorders fulfill school and legally-based requirements for alcohol and drug assessments. Performed by Chemical Dependency Specialists and master’s level clinicians with training in substance use disorders and mental health, the assessment includes a urine toxicology screen. Assessments are offered at our Seattle location.

Level I Outpatient Substance Use Counseling

Individualized counseling is provided by a Chemical Dependency Professional experienced working with teens. Substance abuse and addiction for adolescents present unique challenges requiring a special emphasis through counseling on the development of refusal skills, examination of life choices and consequences, along with education based on the latest information about the impact of drugs on the developing brain. Ryther’s program meets all requirements for Level I chemical dependency treatment. This program is offered in Seattle.

Ryther's Co-Occurring Program

Co-Occurring Program Our program is for adolescents and young adults with substance use and mental health issues. It is designed based on the latest research to identify and treat mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety or ADHD in adolescents with substance use. Treatment is guided by an adolescent psychiatrist and licensed clinicians experienced in addressing mental health and substance use issues. Our program is individualized and varies in length to achieve client goals. Ongoing monitoring includes urine toxicology. This program is offered at the Seattle location.

Ryther's Seven Challenges Groups

Change is a process, not an event. Designed to meet them where they're at in this process, Seven Challenges is an evidence-based treatment approach for teens with substance-related problems and co-occurring disorders. In this group, we use journals, experiential activities, and discussion to encourage teens to honestly evaluate their life and choices, explore the pros and cons of substance use, develop problem recognition skills, and create effective long-term plans.

Ryther's Seven Challenges Group meets weekly on Wednesdays from 5:30pm-7:00pm on Ryther's Seattle campus at 2400 NE 95th Street. The group is available to Ryther clients enrolled in Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders services. Participants must have completed a substance use disorders assessment prior to attending their first group session, and are expected to commit to at least 10 sessions in order to provide time to genuinely explore the process of change. This group is ongoing so participants can join at any time.