Skill-based Volunteers

We seek individuals who want to share their skills with Ryther. If you have a special niche for sharing you culture or language, skill or passion we welcome you to apply to volunteer. You will be working with children in our residential cottage program or various Ryther departments. To apply please fill out this application and send to volunteer@ryther.org.


Corporate Groups

We partner with various companies and explore the many ways businesses can engage in furthering Ryther’s mission. Corporate groups volunteer their time, energy and expertise to improve our campus and make a difference in our children’s lives. To submit interest please contact volunteer@ryther.org. 

Canine Volunteer

If you are interested in establishing a healthy and positive relationship with a child learning to cope with a history of trauma, consider becoming a Canine Volunteer. You and your certified therapy dog can provide support and companionship to a child in Ryther’s residential cottage program. To apply please fill out this application and send to volunteer@ryther.org.

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